Full Stack HubSpot Developer

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Full Stack HubSpot Developer

Our Hubspot Full Stack Developer will become an expert on HubSpot CMS Hub, their latest product addition enabling marketers to build websites and extend them with their latest custom objects functionality. This person will be responsible for building HubSpot CMS Sites and web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and HubL. While initially this role will be focused on CMS Hub, this hire will have the opportunity to work on HubSpot API integrations, and custom CRM Hub functionality like custom cards, and custom objects. This role will be customer facing, and paired with one of our consultants across projects. Strong time management, collaboration, and communication skills are a must.

Technical Skills

Other tools experience in is a plus:

About Us

Aptitude 8 is a full stack growth and technical consulting firm with a focus on Revenue Operations. At Aptitude 8, we drive value full funnel across Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success. Our unique value proposition is having both Systems Integrator and Marketing Agency service lines under one roof, giving our clients not only strategic direction but pairing it with deep technical know how to get the job done.

We help our clients bring together four areas of responsibility from departmental silos: Operations, Enablement, Insights, and Tools. We drive growth and operational efficiency across the customer lifecycle.

We are tiered partners with every software we support, and seek to deliver management consulting to mid market, startup, and SMB businesses that don't have the spend required for McKinsey, Capgemini, and IBM.

Work with adults. Unlimited PTO, flexible work location, and a flat management structure designed for people who get shit done.