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Every company has to bill its customers. Automate your process and breakdown silos with Aptitude 8.

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It is critical that businesses can ensure the data about their customer relationships is leveraged by other departments without asking the Finance team. Even if you have the most sophisticated billing system in place, far too often the data around who your customers are, what products and services they pay for, and what their payment status is can be locked up in systems that aren’t accessible to the teams that manage those customer relationships.

Whether its empowering marketing to automatically drive cross sell and upsell workflows, enabling customer success to predict churn and focus on at risk accounts, or pay sales commissions once revenue is realized, its critical to a scaling business to have finance data integrated into the rest of their stack. A8 can help you implement a new billing system, connect other business systems to the one you already have, or help you build out workflows that deliver remarkable customer experiences leveraging the data you have already integrated. Whether its strategy on how to make use of this data or just technical expertise to do the heavy lifting against your vision; we can help you stand out from the competition. 

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Subscription Management

Keep your invoice and revenue schedules accurate and ensure handoffs from your sales team come with all the data needed to get subscriptions spun up by finance. 

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Renewal Automation

Keep your customer success team prioritized on the right accounts by automating high probability renewals, and teeing up at risk accounts for a personal touch.

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Systems Implementation

The A8 team can help you get a new billing system in place while minimizing disruption to your customers and keeping your existing processes running smoothly.

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Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

A8 can help you define the rules you should build into your new CPQ system, and help integrate it seamlessly into your existing sales process.

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