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Any business leader knows that if it can’t be measured, it can’t be managed. Despite this maxim much of the data about your business process, your customers, and your team’s performance is locked in multiple systems and siloed in a way that makes cohesive analysis impossible, even if you have the analysts on staff to parse through piles of exports.

Modern executives know that even just getting a report from their internal leads can take weeks, and are tired of finding out the information they’re seeking isn’t even in the report they requested once it eventually gets to their screen. 

Aptitude 8 brings analytical and technical skills to bear in concert, helping your team get the data in the right place and analyze it with a strategic lens to help you get the insights you’re looking for. We help you see the forest, the trees, and everything in between by realizing your data isn’t just a singular entity but an ecosystem of moving parts. 

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Cohort Funnel Analytics

A8 can help you take your marketing analytics to the next level. Get insight not only into the performance you had last month on each metric, but how that group converted all the way through the funnel. 

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Data Enrichment

Setup the right data foundation to enrich your existing data and append contact and company details to further your marketing segmentation and isolate your ICP and TAM. 

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Data Hygiene Analysis

Over time, systems get bloat. You have duplicate records, redundant fields, an orphaned records. We will complete a full analysis of your data across all your systems to perform a one-time cleanup and implement ongoing data cleansing processes.

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KPI Dashboards

Report like a rock star without having to do anything other than hit the refresh button. Say goodbye to excel sheets, vlookups, and manual exports with dashboards that give you true insight without needing an analyst. 

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