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Marketers know that the modern MarTech landscape is full of moving pieces across multiple systems, platforms, channels, and everything in between. There’s email marketing, social media, paid media, public relations, comms, content marketing, design, site development...and that’s not even all of them! This complexity doesn’t scale linearly with the size of a company, leaving even the largest marketing teams underwater with tasks, metrics, and loose ends to try and tie together.

Marketing Automation is the key to executing personalization at scale taking your 1:many programs and executing them as 1:1 conversations. But it’s hard. You could do it, but you don’t have the time, the staff, or the deep technical skills to take it to the level your strategy deserves. Aptitude 8 has a full team of marketing automation experts decorated with certifications, badges, awards, and decades of hands-on practitioner experience. We are tech-savvy, creative, and we know how Marketing works in conjunction with Sales and Customer Success.

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Campaign Execution

They're all fun and games until you realize how many moving pieces there are and how many disciplines of marketing are required. A8 has an agile campaign launch process to ensure nothing slips - from  ideation to attribution.

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Systems Implementation

Migrate without missing a beat, or add your first system knowing you have the foundation in place to scale. Let the MarTech gurus at A8 implement and orchestrate all your marketing tools.

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Reporting Automation

Every $0.01 of your spend should be tracked and measured so you know where the good leads come from, what sources generate bad leads and where efficiency lies.

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Systems Audit

The MarTech landscape is massive. Chances are you have 5+ tools.  But multiple tools + integrations gets messy. We’ll peek under the hood and identify where the opportunity lies, while squashing bugs along the way.

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