Anyone can do the work, but setting the right direction is just as important as walking the path to get there. Draw out the perfect strategy with A8’s seasoned practitioners.

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If you catch yourself searching for the ‘why’ behind the tactics you’re employing, it’s probably because the strategy behind it is either missing the mark, or you’re so caught up in trying to make stuff happen that you just haven't had the time to formulate a strategy at all. Defining why you do what you do and subsequently the what and the how is one of the most important processes a leader owns, but it is also one of the most difficult, especially if you’re overwhelmed with actual work to get done. 

A8’s team of seasoned practitioners have been in your shoes - our team members have held leadership roles at a wide variety of companies and industries and bring a diverse range of skills to the table. We’ll ask you all the right questions and provide you with all the data and market intelligence you need to create a powerful strategic plan. At Aptitude 8, we are big believers in planning, mapping, and documenting the approach before getting too into the weeds. Whether you’re taking a new product to market, overhauling a tech stack, or even building a new team of SDRs, we have the experience and know-how to help you build a strategy that works. 

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Go-to-Market Strategy

The A8 team will work with you to surface the right data, industry insights, sales and marketing plan to ensure your new venture or product launch is set up for success.

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Systems Orchestration

Buying tools is easy, getting them to work together is hard. The A8 team will help you pick the right tools for your tech stack and design systems infrastructure that scales. 

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Tech Stack Audit

If you’ve just come into a new org, bought a business, or just find yourself looking at a huge list of SaaS subscriptions with mounting MRR, we'll help you understand what tools you have, how they work together, and whats broken. 

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Process Design

What you do is only as powerful as how you do it. A8’s team of technologists and business process gurus will obsess over process maps and team structure to achieve efficiency and productivity across your organization. 

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